Protecting volunteers and visitors at our heritage places

In order to keep our valued volunteers safe, along with the thousands of people who enjoy our heritage places each year, we are asking that visitors over 16 show their proof of vaccination.

“The National Trust of Western Australia is supported by a team of more than 400 incredible volunteers around the state,” said Julian Donaldson, National Trust of Western Australia CEO. “Their safety and wellbeing is extremely important to us.”

“We’re sure visitors to our places will understand why we are taking this step.”

It is important to note that the WA Government vaccine mandate does apply to food venues, so from 31 January all visitors to National Trust places with kiosks or cafes attached must show proof of vaccination in order to enter.

The relevant sites include the café at Central Greenough and the Visitor Hub at Strawberry Hill at Barmup, Albany.

Proof of vaccination can be either digital or paper-based, along with approved identification if not using the ServiceWA app.

We also require visitors at our places to follow all current government rules, checking in via SafeWA QR codes or manual contact registers, wearing masks and socially distancing as required. Please visit for up-to-date details of government requirements.

The National Trust will also be moving toward online bookings and timed visits in order to better protect its volunteers and visitors.

Please review our website for up-to-date information about our places.

For further information, please contact or phone (08) 9321 6088.