2022 Prelude heritage residency now open to Australian composers

Applications for Prelude composer residencies in 2022 are now open and will close on midnight Sunday 15 August 2021.

The residency is part of a program run by the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Composers House Trust, offering year-long residencies to allow composers to focus on their craft while residing in one of three heritage-listed Australian homes in Adelaide, Perth and Sydney.

The Perth resident occupies beautiful Gallop House in Dalkeith, which is managed by the National Trust of Western Australia.

Prelude supports Australian composers with the time and space to create new work by providing accommodation and a stipend to assist with living expenses. It is based on the sentiment expressed by Peggy Glanville-Hicks in 1958 that, “It is apparent that leisure and silence are absolute prerequisites for composers if they are to engage fully the many forms of awareness involved in creative activity.”

The 2021 resident is award-winning composer, pianist and pedagogue Dr Yitzhak Yedid, who remarked, “More than anything else composers need a quiet and peaceful environment to write music and be creative. The great Austrian composer Gustav Mahler used to isolate himself in a hut (called hut Study, auf dem Kogel) in Maiernigg, Austria, in order to devote himself to composition, there he completed some of his great symphonies (his 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and parts of 8th).

“I can only imagine what Mahler would have composed at Gallop House (which is a ‘bit’ more superior than a ‘hut’) if he were a Prelude composer-in-residence for a full year.

“I can testify that Gallop House is an example of what composers need, especially in our time. Gallop House offers the best conditions for a composer to create and to live in a peaceful place.”

Previous Prelude residents at Gallop House include performer/composer Rachael Dease and jazz musician/composer Chris McNulty.

The residencies are open to composers of music of any genre and at any stage of their career. The successful applicants are provided with sole occupancy of the houses.

Composers are encouraged to apply via the online application system and can submit video clips, music files and any documentation they feel relevant to their application.

Competition for the residencies is fierce and selection carefully managed. Applications will be assessed by industry peers and results announced in September.

See the assessment criteria and how to apply