Martindale Hall – The National Trust of South Australia has a bold plan

The South Australian Government is exploring options for the future of historic Martindale Hall. The National Trust of South Australia has a bold plan.

Martindale Hall Estate – National Trust’s Vision to create a world class Heritage-based tourism attraction

We have  submitted a formal proposal  for Martindale Hall Conservation Park which will  ensure that this magnificent property, gifted to the people of South Australia, will remain in public hands and be accessible to all. Martindale Hall Estate will be a world class tourism attraction expected to attract  more than 100,000 visitors annually and give one of the State’s jewels the prominence it deserves. The National Trust will invest in the site to develop amenities, attractions and events and will preserve the buildings in accordance with the terms of the original bequest to the people of South Australia.

Will you join us to help keep Martindale Hall for the people?

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