COVID-19 update from our Chief Executive Officer

Social distancing and response efforts to the coronavirus have continued to change rapidly and this has meant changes to our business operations.

As many of you know, we decided to temporarily close National Trust’s properties throughout Western Australia and cancelled all events until further notice. Since mid-March, our offices at the Old Observatory have also been closed.

In light of easing restrictions and after careful consideration, we have decided to reopen our offices from Monday 18 May. This is an exciting first step back towards a sense of normality.

We ask that virtual meetings remain the first option moving forward. If there is a need to visit our office, please ensure this has been pre-arranged with the person you intend to see. This will enable the reception staff to make arrangements and keep everyone safe. We will ensure that there is plenty of soap and hand sanitiser throughout communal spaces.

This does not signal the re-opening of our properties, however, which remain closed until further notice.

Though closed, most properties are surrounded by beautiful gardens, open spaces and cafes that are operating on a takeaway basis. We invite you to enjoy these spaces provided you adhere to the Government’s guidelines around safe social distancing practices.

We will be announcing a webinar series in the coming weeks featuring guest speakers talking about heritage discoveries and projects. And while face-to-face community consultation is not possible, we will be continuing to connect with the community about our projects through a variety of avenues.

As always, I want to thank you for all you do to care for Western Australia’s cultural and natural heritage. Your ongoing support for our mission is greatly appreciated.

We hope you and yours are healthy and safe.

Julian Donaldson M.ICOMOS
Chief Executive Officer