Climate change, COP26 and the importance of our natural heritage

Are you keeping up with the COP26 daily updates? Are you wondering how it links in with the work of the National Trust?

For nearly three decades the United Nations has been bringing together almost every country on earth for annual global climate summits, referred to as ‘Conference of the Parties’ (COP for short). In that time climate change has gone from being a fringe issue to a global priority. You can find out more through the official document COP26-Explained.

The National Trust is committed to ensuring the protection of Western Australia’s heritage for future generations, which includes our natural heritage. The Natural Heritage Team is eagerly following the conversations with the relationship between biodiversity loss and land- and ocean-based climate mitigation and adaptation strategies being some of the hot topics.

Our Conservation Covenant and Stewardship Program contributes to WA’s biodiversity conservation which, in turn, helps to combat climate change.

Private landholders play an integral part of protecting our state’s species and combating climate change. The National Trust has partnered with more than 180 landholders through the use of conservation covenants where bushland is protected in perpetuity. One landholder in Chittering has proudly just covenanted her fourth property with the National Trust.

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The images below are from properties in our Conservation Covenant and Stewardship Program.