Calls for Nominations 2016 Election Board of Directors

The National Trust of Australia (New South Wales) hereby calls for nominations for the election of six (6) directors to the Trust Board. In accordance with the National Trust of Australia (New South Wales) Act 1990, the 12 elected members of the Trust Board (of whom 6 are required to resign at the 2016 Annual General Meeting) must include at least two (2) persons who ordinarily reside in the Sydney metropolitan area and at least three (3) persons who ordinarily reside in New South Wales but outside the Sydney metropolitan area.

To be eligible a candidate must:

  1.  be a financial member of the Trust;
  2.  be nominated by two (2) financial members of the Trust; and
  3.  give consent to their nomination in writing.

Nominations must be made in writing on the prescribed forms available from the Trust Office and must be received by the Secretary of The National Trust of Australia (New South Wales) Upper Fort Street, Millers Point, 2000, Sydney by 5pm Friday 9 September 2016 Enquiries: (02) 9258 0152.