Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal nominations now open

The Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal is a nationally recognised annual prize awarding $25,000 to an individual who demonstrates a significant contribution to the protection or promotion of Australia's built, social, cultural or environmental heritage outside their day to day role.

The Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal was conceived by Bathurst Regional Council during the Bathurst’s bicentenary year in 2015 and continues to be administered and coordinated by the Council.

As Australia’s oldest inland European settlement on the mainland, Bathurst is home to a range of built and environmental heritage sites and social and cultural lived experiences.  Through the Council and community Bathurst is committed to valuing the protection of its heritage and promoting this value to a national audience through the recognition of individuals who demonstrate their commitment to  Australia’s heritage.

The inaugural award in 2015 drew a high calibre of nominees, with a short list chosen for a judging process in March and the Medal award ceremony held in May, with Duncan Marshall announced as the first winner of the Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal.

The medal award was designed to celebrate all elements of heritage: built, social, cultural and environmental.

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Make a Nomination

Nominations for the Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal open on 8 December 2015 and close 28 February 2016.


The Medal is awarded annually based on merit - with a panel of judges selected from nationally recognised organisations at the forefront of their industry in understanding the value of heritage in a broader context.

Individuals may be nominated by a third party but nominees must sign the nomination form, agreeing to be a part of the nomination process.

A nomination is considered complete and ready for submission and subsequent review by the judging panel based on the following checklist:

  • Nomination formis complete and saved electronically (preferably pdf)
  • Nominee has signed the nomination form agreeing to involvement in the Bathurst Macquarie Heritage Medal
  • Any relevant supporting documentation is saved in electronic format
  • video file of approx 1 minute in length has been produced for submission
  • high resolution jpeg photo file of the nominee is ready for submission
  • all documentation and supporting files are submitted electronically prior to 5pm 28 February