Stella Maris is now in National Trust stewardship.

After the Commissioner investigating the matter of Stella Maris handed down his recommendations, a call was made for Expressions of Interest in managing and developing the site.

The Council of the National Trust agreed to submit an EOI and this was subsequently prepared and sent to the Government. It transpired that the National Trust was the preferred candidate and it then entered into discussions with the Department of Land Administration to determine the best lease for the site.

The Council of the National Trust has now been granted a Crown Lease Term over the 1 McMinn Street site. Initially this Lease is for 6 months while the Trust explores the viability of its plans for the site. Once the way forward is satisfactorily determined, the initial lease can be converted into a ten-year lease.

There is much to be done on the site and the Trust will need the support of its members and the community in general if this unique and fascinating site is to be attractive and accessible to the general public. Your involvement with the Trust on this journey is very welcome. Let us know how you can help or any suggestions you may have that could help with the use and management of the site.

Connect with us on Facebook or simply write to Stella Maris, GPO Box 3520 , Darwin, NT, 0801, or email the Office at