Our natural environment is intrinsically valuable and intertwined with our shared cultural heritage. It tells stories of historical patterns and how our landscape has influenced and been influenced by its occupants.

Today, our natural heritage faces significant threats from land clearing, weed invasion, pest animals, diseases, grazing and inappropriate fire regimes. The Western Australian government acknowledges the dangers of climate change and understands we need to act now to protect the unique balance of our planet’s natural environment.

At the National Trust, we are working to raise awareness of the value of natural heritage and implement strategies to protect it for the future. By donating to our cause, you will help us:

  • continue our Conservation Covenant and Stewardship Program
  • work with communities to protect significant trees
  • manage bushland at National Trust properties
  • continue general conservation and other activities that protect Western Australia’s internationally recognised biodiversity.

At the National Trust, we believe that together we can have an impact.

We thank you in advance for your generosity today. 

All donations over two dollars are tax-deductible.