Message from the President

Tamarinds removed from Audit House

Last Thursday afternoon (7 June 2018),  Shaun Wilton (Wilton Homes) came in with his Komatsu excavator with “log lifter” attachment and despatched the seven Tamarinds behind the director, Tim’s office at Audit House, Myilly Point Heritage Precinct.

It was educational to watch a professional who had been used to felling 100 trees a day down near Bombala in his father’s logging business.

First, he sharpened the chain (a skill that eludes me). Then he donned all the appropriate safety gear.

He spent some time sizing up the trees and working out the best way to fell them in the desired position. He then scarfed (a wedge-shaped cut made in a tree before felling, to determine the direction of the fall) the side where the tree was to fall before placing a cut in the backside.

The Komatsu excavator was then used to push the tree (at the height of the roof of the house) and bingo the tree fell exactly where Shaun planned it.

These trees were at least 15m high and they reach a fair way across the garden at Audit House.

Shaun cut the trunk into manageable sections before felling the next tree. I was impressed that the seven trees landed on top of each other.

It’s a relief that this threat to Audit House and Tim’s office has been removed.

These large trees almost fell during Cyclone Marcus earlier in the year (16 March 2018) and would have made a helluva big dent in the house if they had fallen.

We now have the challenge of removing the lighter parts of the foliage before the leaves drop off which, should be started straight away.