Lifetime Membership Nomination Letter – Judy Richardson

On behalf of the Larrakeyah Branch Committee, it gives me great pleasure in nominating, Ms Judy Richardson for Honorary Life Membership to the National Trust of Australia NT in recognition of her Service to the National Trust NT.

Judy first joined the National Trust of Australia as a Member back in the 1970s after an inspirational visit to Como House in Victoria. She then continued her Membership when she moved to the NT and became an NT Branch Member. Shortly thereafter she joined the Larrakeyah Branch Committee in Darwin and has since undertaken a number of Committee roles over many years including the not so popular and quite onerous Treasurer and Secretary roles. Her dedication is typified by her willingness on multiple occasions, to take-on committee roles where there were simply no other candidates. In some cases, she also accepted multiple roles concurrently (such as Treasurer and Secretary) to help out when other candidates could not be found.

In addition to performing formal Committee Member functions, Judy also enthusiastically volunteered her time, energy and expertise participating in the planning, coordination and executing of numerous Branch events. This she did regularly over many years. There are far too many examples to list here, however, Board Members over the years are well aware of them. Her presence was often low profile and behind the scenes but nevertheless essential to the successful outcome of so many of these events. In fact, Judy did not shirk from any task whether it be planning an event, coordinating volunteers, flipping sausages at a fundraising barbeque or even cleaning toilets. If something needed to be done, Judy would step in and it was done. Success was not just measured by the by the significant amount of fund-raising but also by high levels of public attendance and raising the National Trust profile in the community. Probably the most visible of the Larrakeyah Branch activities she’d regularly undertaken was her central role in the planning and management of annual Darwin Heritage Festivals held over the years. This she did on a purely voluntary basis, in fact, in some years the Heritage Festival only happened because of the huge efforts of Judy and our President. This amazing team of two in some years, managed all aspects almost singlehandedly.

Judy has also assisted our highly dedicated President with many other National Trust endeavours.

We are aware that only two Life Memberships may be awarded in any financial year. Given that Judy and our president have been such an effective, dedicated and enduring team, It seems appropriate that they should receive Life Membership in the same year.

We trust you will agree that Judy has indeed rendered distinguished and voluntary service to the National Trust over many years and is deserving of that recognition through the awarding of Life Membership.

The Larrakeyah Branch Committee submits its recommendation to the Board for its kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely

Tom Sawyer – Chair – Larrakeyah Branch

Northern Territory –Branch Member