Ayers House is one of South Australia’s most important heritage buildings and a unique and precious community asset.


For more than 60 years, the National Trust has fought to preserve Ayers House for the people of South Australia.  Over that time, we have battled proposals to demolish the house, to convert it into a health facility, a casino and a hotel.


Now, Ayers House faces a new threat and we are now fighting to safeguard its future once again.


The State Government wants to commercialise the house for private and corporate events and to repurpose large parts of the building for government offices.


In June 2021, the State Government announced with media fanfare a $6m ‘upgrade’ of Ayers House. What it didn’t announce was that the Minister for the Environment and government officials had decided to evict the National Trust from Ayers House after 50 years of stewardship and care of the House.


In that time, the Trust has invested an estimated $30m directly and indirectly in sustaining Ayers House for the community.


Time is running out to stop the State Government from repurposing Ayers House for private catering and government offices.


We think Ayers House deserves a much better future and invite you to join us in keeping Ayers House for the people.


Please help us to secure the future for Ayers House in the permanent care of the National Trust.

1. Like and share our ‘Keep Ayers For The People’ Facebook page.

2. Print and sign our paper petition, get your family, friends, and colleagues to do the same, and mail them back to the National Trust. If we reach 10,000 signatures, SA Parliament’s Legislative Review Committee will be required to hold an inquiry.

3. Sign our online petition, on Change.org.