Strawberry Hill Conservation Works

Strawberry Hill will become one of the key places to visit in Western Australia, for both locals and visitors, and will provide a platform for one of the most significant heritage experiences in Western Australia.

The 180 year old slate roof at Strawberry Hill has now been completed with new slate from the very same quarry that supplied the original. The quarry was able to provide an excellent colour match and the same size.

A considerable amount of conservation work was carried out on the existing roof timbers including numerous stainless steel brackets to strengthen original timbers. Whilst some additional seasoned timber was installed the objective of retaining original was successful. Additional structural work was completed on stone walls with more stainless steel and masonry fixing to compliment the upper roof work.

The two brick chimney tops were in bad shape and some replacement bricks and rendering conservation has restore both to sound condition. The low roof between the two story and kitchen/dining sections has a new galvanised iron roof in keeping with the original over this part of the house.

The new slate roof has retained its slightly warped shape that comes with age but looks great and ready for another 180 years service. Contractor Clinton Long Project Management Pty Ltd was meticulous with every detail and is to be congratulated for the result.

Temporary absence of contents has provided an opportunity to carry out conservation works on the interior. Investigations of early finishes will contribute to the conservation and interpretation. This is also a good opportunity for programmes of both educational and volunteer involvement.


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