Herdsman Lake Settlers Cottage – Expressions of Interest to Lease

The National Trust of Western Australia is delighted to offer Settlers Cottage and/or its grounds for lease by expressions of interest.

The National Trust is seeking expressions of interest from potential lessees to:

  • help find a long term use for the significant Settlers Cottage and/or
  • to redevelop a portion of the site of Settlers Cottage.

The lots (508 And 450) are situated on 180 Pearson Street and subject to regulatory approvals.

EXTENDED – Expressions of Interest are now to be submitted to the National Trust on or before 3pm Monday, 3 June 2019

Expression of Interest Request

The National Trust of Western Australia is seeking expressions of interest from potential lessees to find a sustainable and compatible use for Settlers Cottage and its site.

Suitable uses include:

  • market gardens
  • community gardens
  • arts or nature based activities

Joint or separate tenancies may be appropriate for multiple uses (eg arts use plus community garden).

Submission Information

Potential Use 

The National Trust will consider expressions of interest proposals against the following selection criteria:

  • financial sustainability;
  • community benefit; and
  • potential impact on heritage values.

When assessing each proposal, the National Trust of Western Australia will also focus on:

  1. Level of activity generated by the proposal;
  2. Investment required; and
  3. Compatibility with site and heritage values.

Expressions of Interest are to be submitted to the National Trust on or before 3pm Monday, 3 June 2019 (Extended) and should include the following details:

  • Name of the proponent(s), business address and relevant contact details
  • Details of any proposed team members, consultants/ contractors
  • Details of the proposed use of the place and any anticipated impact on heritage values considering:
    • Use of the cottage and/or
    • Use of the land
  • Business case
  • Details of proposed lease terms including but not limited to:
    • Length of the desired lease
    • Extent of lease area and inclusions
    • Proposed rental fee
    • Proposed capital investment (cash and in-kind)
    • Any other relevant terms and conditions
  • Proposed opportunities to promote the heritage significance of the place
  • Proposed/potential opportunities for community access and engagement
  • Names and contact details of three referees who have had recent dealings with the proponents
  • Level of insurances and name of the company that holds the policy

Supporting Documents 

For further information or questions, please contact the National Trust’s Lease and Property Officer:

Ms Micaela Pereira
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (08) 9321 6088

Herdsman Lake Settlers Cottage


180 Pearson Street,
Churchlands WA 6018

Site Plan


The site area comprises 2 lots; Lot 508 (1.1 ha / 11238m2) and lot 450 (0.105 ha / 1050m2) on 180 Pearson Street, Churchlands (City of Stirling).


Settlers Cottage on Lot 508 ( 1.1 ha / 11238m2) and lot 450 (0.105 ha / 1050m2) at 180 Pearson Street, Churchlands (City of Stirling) is the last remaining of forty identical cottages built on the perimeter of Herdsman Lake in the early 1930s under a combined project by the Department of Lands and Surveys and the Workers’ Homes Board.

In 1920, 1,073 acres (433 ha) of land was acquired by the State Government for the purpose of developing the area for intensive agriculture.

Herdsman Lake Settlers Cottage demonstrates an important government land settlement scheme from the inter-war years and the changing status of the locality between the 1930s and the 1990s. The building is a reminder of government designed workers’ housing and lifestyles in Western Australia in the 1930s and early post-World War Two period.

In 1995 the cottage was relocated eastwards on the site and reinstated 75m from its original site, in order to clear the way for the proposed Stephenson Highway. Basic power and water services have been reinstated and the chimney and fireplace area rebuilt to match the original.


Statement of Significance

Register of Heritage Places - Permanent Entry Herdsman Lake Settlers Cottage – registered since 10/10/1995

Herdsman Lake Settlers Cottage has cultural heritage significance for the following reasons:

  • the cottage and the site, formerly Herdsman Lake Lot 54, and the outlet drain which adjoins the south boundary of the lot, represent the last remnant of the 1930 and 1931 subdivision of the perimeter of Herdsman Lake into forty lots for the purpose of market gardening;
  • the development was a combined attempt by the Department of Lands and Surveys and the Workers’ Homes Board to provide affordable agricultural land close to Perth and, as such, is representative of this stage of development of Western Australia in the 1920s and 1930s; and,
  • the cottage represents the basic level of accommodation provided by the Workers’ Homes Board and is representative of government approved minimum standard of housing and the domestic lifestyles of the period.