Expression of Interests to lease Collie Roundhouse

We are seeking Expressions of Interest to lease and adapt the iconic Collie Roundhouse, located at Coalfields Road, Collie.

The Roundhouse is strategically placed at the western end of town and offers opportunities for infrastructure and community use through the development of a site which connects to the town and its Visitor Centre.

The Collie Roundhouse is a 1950s building constructed to house up to 14 steam locomotives at a time, servicing the state’s vital coal industry. It remains intact, complete with turntable pit and turntable.

The National Trust is chartered to protect and promote the heritage values of this important heritage place and recognises the optimal way to achieve this is through supporting a range of activities and uses at the site.

Inspection of the property

We invite interested parties to contact us to arrange an inspection of the property.

Send your enquiry to Micaela Pereira, Lease and Property Officer
E: | T: (08) 9321 6088


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The proposed Lease Area is to encompass Lots 561 and 2860 which combine to form a total agglomerated landholding of 6.5157ha made up of Lot 561 of 6.1645ha and Lot 2860 of 0.3512ha.

The proposed Lease Area comprises a total site area of 6.5157ha which is reserved under the Shire of Collie TPS5 for “Railway”. The proposed Lease Area encompasses two adjoining parcels which are described as follows:

As to Lot 561
The Property comprises a Crown Land Title being Lot 561 on Deposited Plan 68077, as contained in Certificate of Title Volume LR3159 Folio 771.

As to Lot 2860
The property comprises a Crown Land Title being Lot 2860 on Deposited Plan 36230, as contained in Certificate of Title Volume LR3130 Folio 831.

Status Order / Interest: Reserve under Management Order
Primary Interest Holder: National Trust of Australia (WA)

Supporting documentation

General information

GHD Services Assessment Report Conservation Management Plan Site Location Current Site Layout


Visioning Report

Pages 1 – 11

Pages 12 – 20

Pages 21 – 40

Pages 41 – 50

Pages 51 – 55

Pages 56 – 62


Preliminary Site Investigation REPORT

Pages 1 – 11

Pages – Figures

Pages – Tables

Apprendix 1 – 7

Appendix 8 – Part 1

Appendix 8 – Part 2

Appendix 9

Appendix 10 – 16

Appendix 17

Call to action section

Submitting your EOI

The National Trust is seeking expressions of interest from potential lessees to:
- find a sustainable and compatible new use for the Collie Roundhouse, Coalfields Road, Collie
- maximise community benefit through activation of the place and capitalise on its landmark status

Submissions are to be emailed to
and received no later than 5pm WST, Monday 16 November 2020.

For enquiries, contact Micaela Pereira, Lease and Property Officer
E: | T: (08) 9321 6088

Download the Expression of Interest form

Collie Roundhouse


Coalfields Road, Collie

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