Avondale Farm Lease – Expressions of Interest

Avondale is a broadacre farming property located at Beverley. Expressions of interest are being sought for the lease of the property as a whole with the heritage precinct excluded from the lease. The shearing shed, sheep yards and chemical storage area and silos are available to use by the tenant under a licence arrangement. The current farming operation runs sheep and crops the property to a mix of crops including wheat, canola, and barley.

The National Trust is developing the historical precinct and bush reserve at Avondale Farm for increased community and commercial access to the property. This will result in increased access to the property by visitors, volunteers and employees. Activities such as short stay accommodation and events will be conducted in these areas. Strong consideration will need to be given to the management of farming operations to take into account the impact on visitor experience and safety. A warden resides on site and has an important role in communicating with the lessee to advise them of events and visitation at Avondale.


Avondale Farm


Waterhatch Road, Beverley

Title Details

  • Lot 3 on Deposited Plan 225569 Crown Land Title Volume LR3140
    Folio 499
  • Lot 16 on Deposited Plan 225569 Crown Land Title Volume
    LR3140 Folio 500

Expressions of Interest are to be submitted to the National Trust on or before 5pm, Thursday, 5th September 2019.

For further information please contact:

Ms Micaela Pereira
Lease and Property Officer
Telephone: (08) 9321 6088
Email: trust@ntwa.com.au

Call to action section

Expressions of Interest Document

Download here

Open for Inspection

Avondale Farm will be open for inspection for viewing by interested parties.


Monday, 19th August 2019 between 10am and 12pm.

Please register your visit by emailing [email protected]

Lease Information

Legal Costs

Preparation of the lease document and payment of any government costs will be paid by the lessee up to a maximum of $2,000 plus GST.


The lessee must provide access to National Trust of Australia (WA) at its absolute discretion for any purpose it sees fit. The National Trust of Australia (WA) will inform the tenant of any intention to access the area of the property subject to the lease.

Cropping Area

Cropping and grazing hectares have been estimated using historical farm information. The lessee must satisfy through their own enquiry the hectares listed on the map and whether paddocks are suitable for cropping or livestock.

Farm Area

Approximate Cropping: 452ha

Approximate Grazing: 68ha


Term – 4 years commencing 1st March, 2020 and finishing 29th February 2024.

A further 4 year option may be offered by the National Trust of Australia at their discretion. Area of the lease may be subject to change during any second or subsequent terms.

The area of the farm available is to be leased as a whole (cannot be split between multiple tenants).

Rental will be increased annually by CPI (Perth measure).

At the conclusion of each 4 year term a market rent review will be undertaken.


Annually with 50% on 1st March and 50% on the 15th December.

First payment due 1st March 2020 Late payment of lease fees will incur interest at 12%p.a.

Expressions of interest submitted should be quoted exclusive of GST, however all lease payments should include 10% GST.

Insurance requirements

Public Liability insurance for $20,000,000 to be taken out by the lessee.

Employers indemnity insurance to be maintained by lessee.

A certificate of currency will be required to be provided annually to the National Trust of Australia when requested.

Submission information

Expressions of Interest are to be submitted to the National Trust on or before 5pm, 5th September 2019 and should include the following details:

  1. Name of the proponent(s), business address and relevant contact details
  2. Details of any proposed team members, consultants/contractors
  3. Details of proposed use of the property and any anticipated impact on heritage values
  4. Proposed rental Excluding GST
  5. Level of insurances and name of the company that holds the policy
  6. Any other relevant considerations

EOI process

EOI advertised on our website, social media and paid advertisement (Trust) .

No hard copies can be submitted; digital copies to be submitted to [email protected] with in subject: CONFIDENTIAL EOI AVONDALE FARM

Deadline Thursday, 5th September 5pm, hard copies will not be accepted.

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Ms Micaela Pereira
Lease and Property Officer
Telephone: (08) 9321 6088
Email: [email protected]

Property Management

Cropping Rotation

Break crop must be included at least one year in four on cropping paddocks. Break crop could include Canola, Lupins, Field Peas, chickpeas, Faba Beans or a pasture.


Grazing areas must be conservatively stocked to prevent wind erosion and have a maximum stocking density of 12DSE/winter grazed ha.


Minimum of 10kgs/ha of Phosphorous annually across arable areas.

Apply 2 t/ha of limesand (neutralising value of 90%) across all arable areas within the 4 year lease period.


Pastures on arable land must be spray topped with a minimum of Gramoxone @ 0.8 l/ha on an annual basis.

Summer Weeds

Spraying for summer weeds will be the responsibility of the Lessee.


Shearing shed and sheep yards are included for use by the tenant under licence by The National Trust (WA).

Silos designated can be used by the tenant under licence.

Chemical shed and associated water can be used by the tenant under licence.

Shared access using main entry road.

Machinery shed between stables and homestead can be used under licence.

A licence fee of $2,500 plus GST is required for the use of the improvements annually.

Capital improvements and expenditure on the property (eg fencing/water) can be suggested by the tenants but approval will be at the absolute discretion of the National Trust of Australia (WA).

Excluded areas

  • Bush reserve
  • Rubbish tip
  • Oat paddock in front of museum Heritage precinct – unless specified

See attached aerial map of excluded areas.


Must be maintained in working order.


Must be maintained in working order to all existing water points. Scheme water charges for the spray tank and for stock water will be measured and invoiced to the tenant.


Any Shire Rates or other government expenses will be paid by lessor – National Trust of Australia (WA).


Negotiable subject to property use and potential consumption of electricity.

Fire Management

To be maintained by lessee in accordance with local government regulations. A fire break of 2.2m between paddocks and the adjacent heritage precinct area must be maintained by the lessee and in addition the lessee must maintain a fire break of 4m around hay sheds and the main water pump adjacent to the bush reserve.


Preference is for windrow burning only on paddocks. Having due consideration of smoke drift over heritage precinct will be well regarded.

Farm operations

Any farm operations that may impact on the heritage precinct such as seeding, spraying, harvest, shearing are to be conducted to have a minimal effect on other users of the area.


Any rubbish such as chemical drums generated by lessee in the course of running the farm operations are to be removed by lessee.


Any damage to improvements to be paid by lessee. No improvements to be altered by lessee without prior written consent of the lessor.

Capital Expense

An annual budget of 10% of the lease value excluding GST can be suggested for capital improvements to the property, but any such expenditure is at the absolute discretion of the National Trust of Australia.


The lessor or its agent will inspect the property in September each year to ensure terms of the lease have been complied with. Any information specific to the terms of the lease will need to be provided to the lessor annually including fertiliser use, chemical use, rotation, crop yield, stocking rates and rainfall data.

Make Good

Upon expiry or termination of the lease, the lessee must leave the Property in good and substantial repair and condition. The lessee must remove all of its fixtures and fittings and repair and damage caused by that removal.