Federal Election Priorities for Heritage: A Statement from the National Trusts of Australia April 2019

The National Trusts of Australia comprises eight community-based, non-government, not-for-profit organisations. We are a member-based, not-for-profit charity that represents the interests of more than 80,000 members across Australia.

The National Trusts of Australia Federal Election Priorities for Heritage outlines the heritage issues we are advocating for in the 2019 Federal election. They clearly set out our position and ask for a response from all major political parties and candidates. We will directly communicate those responses to our 80,000 members and 240,000 followers across Australia, to help inform their electoral votes.

Australia’s heritage matters—it creates a unique identity, a sense of place and a strong reminder of our proud history.


The National Trust is Australia’s longest standing and most respected voice on heritage protection and conservation.

We have been advocating for the protection, conservation and celebration of Australia’s environmental, built and cultural heritage on behalf of our members for more than 70 years.


The National Trusts of Australia are advocating for:

• Stronger heritage protection;
• Better mechanisms for collaboration with non-government organisations;
• Well-resourced government heritage agencies
• A National Heritage List that is truly representative of Australia’s unique stories;
• More support for owners of heritage places;
• A coordinated approach to investment in sustainable heritage tourism;
• Future proofing of heritage places against the effects of climate change; and
• Support for ensuring traditional trade skills used in the conservation of heritage is not lost.


To access the document and find out more about our Federal Election Statement for Heritage, please click here HERE