Winter Dreaming: A Weekend of Literary Delight at Barwon Park

Discover poems and songs of love from across the ages.

Visit Barwon Park and experience the readings of works by Shakespeare, Browning, CJ Dennis, Shelley and Byron presented by an ensemble of actors by the Theatre of the Winged Unicorn. Surrounded by the beautiful interiors of the sitting and drawing room, the readings of these much-loved works will be interspersed with song providing for a unique and memorable experience.

The performance will be conducted in half hour sessions and audiences will rotate to each performance.  Refreshments available at $5.00 per person will be served at intervals. The Mansion will also be open for viewing.


About the Theatre of the Winged Unicorn

Formed in 1993, by Dennis and Elaine Mitchell, the Theatre of the Winged Unicorn offers various productions of well-loved plays and musicals. Performances include adaptations from Victorian Classics, Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera, the works of Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and adapted works from Jane Austen and the Brontes. The latest production was Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights in October 2015.

Admission Ticket Prices


Adult $27

Concession $25

Child $20 (15 years old and under)


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