Trust Talks in Ipswich

Myth busting of the heritage kind!

Love to own a heritage property? Worried about what a heritage listing may mean?

Myths abound concerning ownership of listed buildings, making many owners wary of making changes to their property. In extreme cases this may lead to loss of heritage through inaction. Our speaker for August Trust Talks is prepared to bust some of those myths!

Danny Keenan has an extensive background in heritage and architecture, working for many years in the USA and UK as well as here in his home town of Ipswich. His role with Ipswich City Council is that of Principal Officer, Urban Design / Heritage Conservation.

Danny will speak about the different levels of Heritage Listing, Local, State and Commonwealth, and what that means for owners of those listed buildings.

Join us on Sunday, August 18 at 9:30 am in the Barry Jones Auditorium, Ipswich Library, followed by morning tea. The Ipswich Branch General Meeting will follow at 11 am. All National Trust members are welcome to attend.