Two Canberra award-winning architects, Philip Leeson and David Hobbes, will present the inaugural Trust Talk for 2019. 

In a series of project examples Philip Leeson and David Hobbes will shed light on how we ‘read’ buildings in order to answer such questions as:

How old is this building?

What style is it?

Which bit was built first?

Who did what to this building and when?

What are its faults?

What is the most important part?

What can be demolished or altered without diminishing its value?

Answering these questions allows us to more fully understand a building either for our own education and interest or in order to make better informed decisions when tasked with making changes or interpreting a building.

The buildings which we may be discussing include:

  • St Clair Villa, Goulburn
  • Cooma Railway Station
  • Vernacular Mountain Huts
  • Ronocco Building, Yass

Cost: $15 NT/U3A/FNLA; $20 Non-members

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No refund will be given if notified after Friday 15 March.

Hotel Kurrajong


8 National Circuit, Barton


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Entry Fees:

$15 NT/U3A/FNLA; $20 non-members