Three Pathways One Destination

'The Destination' is to produce an attractive work of art.

Our world is an interesting place. Artists have a smorgasbord from which to gain inspiration and then choose their medium.
Mara Jordan discovered, by chance, that copper, when fired with a blow torch produced some fascinating colours.
Irene Miller, since childhood drawing and painting have given her great pleasure. “Never have I lost the primordial thrill of staining paper with luminous colours”.
Ruth Dengate has always been called a dreamer. “Even as a little girl and I feel my paintings have an ethereal effect which I call ‘ the dream catcher’.”


The Exhibition will be opened by the Australian Artist, Colin Parker.

5 March at 2pm.


5 March to the 27 March – Wednesday to Sunday, 11am to 3pm


Call 02 4784 1938 or email


37 Everglades Avenue
Leura 2780 NSW

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