The Russell Street Bombing Exhibition

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Russell Street Bombing, the National Trust, in association with the Victoria Police Museum, have produced an exhibition that examines this significant moment in Melbourne’s history of crime.

It was 1.01pm on Thursday 27 March 1986, the day before Good Friday, when 50 sticks of gelignite planted in a stolen car outside the Police Complex were detonated. This event marked the beginning of a new period of criminal violence in Melbourne.

The exhibition includes items from the original investigation into the bombing including the evidence used to convict the bombers, audio recordings made in the control room at the time of the event, images of the bombing and an explanation of the story and police procedures in solving the case.


The exhibition is located in a large cell inside the Watch House complex. Visitors will be able to view the exhibition after completing a tour of the Watch House. Tour guides will introduce the exhibition to them.

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