Sydney University Tour: Old & New Heritage Tour with Nicholson Museum

Highlights the stunning architecture of the Camperdown Campus delving into the background of renowned sites including the Quadrangle, Great Hall, MacLaurin Hall, & Nicholson Museum.

The design of the Quadrangle is a reflection of the tradition of the great British universities. The stained glass windows in the Great Hall include the Oxford, the Cambridge and the Royal windows; the stone carvings show images of Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort with the initials ‘VR’ along with the royal motto. The crown and the Tudor rose can also be found in some of the oldest sections of the Quadrangle. The Great Hall is used to host a variety of events, including graduation ceremonies. At the bottom right corner of the Main Quadrangle is the jacaranda tree. Rumour has it that if you haven’t started studying for final exams before the tree flowers then you are in danger of failing. For most students, however, it is just a lovely place to lie on the grass and read.

The Great Hall was officially opened to the public on the 18 July 1859. A grand festival of music was held over a week to commemorate the opening of the buildings on Grose Farm. Over the past 150 years the Great Hall has been used for a wide variety of events including, conferring of degrees, musical and dramatic productions, banquets, public lectures, memorial services, antique fair, Chancellor’s Committee annual book sale and so much more.

The Nicholson Museum’s classical collection contains material from ancient Greece and Italy, and other parts of the Mediterranean. The Nicholson collection is one of the largest collections of European antiquities in Australia.

The date or this tour may be amended if there is a Graduation Ceremony at the University.


We will meet in the Courtyard Restaurant University of Sydney Union, Ground Floor, Holme Building, Science Rd, The University of Sydney


National Trust member: $50.00
Non-members: $55.00
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Science Road, Sydney University