St Mary’s Bus Trip

Join the National Trust Blue Moutains' Branch on a bus trip from Glenbrook to St Marys, an area long associated with Governor King's family and with Samuel Marsden.

It also has an interesting industrial history. Samuel Marsden received a grant of 1030 acres in 1804 around the area, then known as South Creek. Here he developed a model farm called Mamre. Three of Governor King’s children were also given grants around the same time as was Mary Putland, daughter of Governor Bligh.
The industrial history includes leather tanning with the Thompson family and coach building under the Bennet family.
During World War II, St Mary’s was the site of a large munitions factory. A local history guide will show us some large Victorian mansions built for early luminaries and the modest homes, built under wartime austerity condition for the munition workers.
We will enjoy a boxed lunch in the premises of the St Mary’s Historical Society premises.


Adult $45.00
Members $40.00


02 4757 2424 or 

St Mary's, NSW

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