Regenerating Places of Faith Conference

South Australia has many historic church buildings that have served their congregations and communities well over several decades. They have enabled congregations to worship and engage in missional activities, and communities to benefit in a wide range of ways.

These beautiful edifices were imagined and constructed in times quite different from today.  Recently, in too many cases, congregations have been shrinking, ageing and struggling to maintain these places of faith.

The Regenerating Places of Faith Conference in October of this year will address the complexities and possibilities that our current situations present. How can congregations re-imagine their life and their role as stewards of these buildings? How might congregations, other community groups and local businesses work in partnerships to restore and re-purpose historic church buildings as functional centres of community development? What wider community resources, including state and local government, can be harnessed to maintain, restore and re-imagine our historic churches?

Regenerating Places of Faith will address these questions by bringing together members of local congregations who have responsibility for historic church buildings; denominational leaders; people involved in local government; the National Trust; the State Heritage Unit of the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources; heritage architects; and all who are interested in South Australia’s historic buildings and in how they might continue to be used to bring life to local communities.

A keynote speaker at Regenerating Places of Faith will be Peter Worland, Executive Director of UnitingCare, the services and advocacy arm of the Uniting Church in New South Wales and the ACT. This organisation is one of the largest welfare and community development agencies in Australia. Peter works across New South Wales seeking to bring churches and communities together in community projects and delivery of services.

Other speakers will present case studies from Australia, the UK and Canada.

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The conference is being presented by the National Trust in conjunction with Clayton Wesley Uniting Church, the State Heritage Unit, the Anglican Church, the Catholic Church and Arcuate Architecture .



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