‘Perceptions’ by Natasha Daniloff and Raewyn Proctor

Raewyn Proctor and Natasha Daniloff, two talented artists, present an exhibition of paintings and mixed media works exploring the coast and country as places of renewal, enrichment and solace.

“To see the landscape, not as real estate but as a place of enlightenment and magic” – J Olsen.

The theme of this proposed exhibition is inspired by John Olsen’s quote.

One artist lives on the coast, the other in the mountains. Coast and country have their nuances and associations in the Australian psyche.

This exhibition is about reconfiguring the two landscapes as more than a pleasure ground, a place of diversion or real estate. Many now understand that it is a place of renewal, enrichment, and solace. Through engaging with and representing the particular places through paintings and mixed media work, Natasha Daniloff and Raewyn Proctor reconfigure the ways in which we are able to connect with and understand this landscape.

This exhibition becomes a pathway and a process that leads to an understanding of the many influences that mould one’s perspective.

Through ideas, materials and process, artists find a direction; working with and discarding many iterations of a work until, as if by magic, a final work emerges. Painting, drawing and mixed media all become a language of meaning and message which capture some personal quality of the respective landscapes that cannot be conveyed in any other way.

This exhibition hopes to present the many ways that place speaks to people. Through their artworks the artists hope to encourage the viewers engagement with landscape, influence their perception and affect their interaction with the natural world.


Artwork (L-R): Hartley Valley 1 oil on canvas detail, Natasha Daniloff; Landscape Red 1,  Raewyn Proctor


Exhibition details

Exhibition open 11am – 3pm, Thursday – Sunday from Sunday 3 September – Sunday 24 September 2023.


How to book your tickets

Exhibition is included in a valid Everglades General Entry ticket.

Book via Eventbrite where possible, to guarantee a spot.


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