Norfolk Island Tour

A repeat of one of our popular tours to Norfolk Island with its sheer natural beauty and friendly people. It’s a place where the ghosts of the past still exist among the living of today

Discovered by Captain James Cook in 1774, it was settled by Captain Arthur Phillip two months after settling Sydney and Parramatta. It was twice used as a penal colony and became known for its harsh treatment of its convicts. Queen Victoria allowed the descendents of the Bounty Mutineers to relocate to Norfolk Island from Pitcairn.

The original township was Kingston, which is now a World Heritage Site, you can see the ruins of the buildings and the goal .   Some of the historic Georgian buildings have been restored and are now used by the community. There is much to see and do on this picturesque island including dining on fresh fish and traditional island food.

Join us on this exclusive National Trust tour which is restricted to a maximum of 15. You will be staying at the Governor’s Lodge Resort which is regarded as one of the best properties on Norfolk Island.

Tour Leader :   Lorraine Collins 0439947479

For bookings and enquiries call David Smith, Travel on Capri 1800 679 066