Nocturne Saumarez Exhibition Launch

The Nocturne Saumarez exhibition will be launched at Saumarez Homestead on Friday 2nd December at 6pm .

spowart-14352596_1820377304866057_2897980318353232074_oNOCTURNE SAUMAREZ

Nocturne Saumarez will run from 2nd December 2016 to 26th January 2017.

Terry Cooke, publisher and photographer of “New England High Country – Contrast and Colour”, has been invited to launch the Nocturne Saumarez photography exhibition.

The Nocturne Saumarez exhibition will be launched at Saumarez Homestead on Friday 2nd December at 6pm


Nocturne Saumarez is a part of the Nocturne Armidale project conducted by Doug Spowart and Vicki Cooper in Armidale.
The main concept revolves around contrasting similar images of Saumarez Homestead taken in the day and then around sunset and later.


  Nocturne photography captures a time of day where the afterglow of sunset and the glow of street and house lights can transform the everyday experience of place. In these photographs, street scenes and buildings that may be familiar in normal daylight take on the dramatic appearance of movie sets. Some photographs created at this time can require long camera exposures and therefore produce images that can capture blurred movement of people and car headlight trails. These images offer to the community a different perspective to their daily experience of place.


In September artists Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart worked with a group of photographers from the Armidale region and Brisbane to highlight the city of Armidale. Key to this community photo-documentary project was the idea of capturing the town in both the early evening’s nocturnal light as previous Nocturne projects had done, but this time a second photograph of the nocturne subject during daylight. This “re-photography” project has resulted in a number of comparative image pairs revealing the beauty of nocturne light and how it transforms our everyday experience of place.



The Nocturne Saumarez exhibition will display 3 ”O” size images (841mm x 1189mm) and 15 A3+ images (328mm x 483mm) shot by participants in the Nocturne Armidale Project as well as 6 A 3+ black and white images taken by Miss Mary White and Miss Elsie White from 1914 to 1930s showing Saumarez Homestead from similar angles to the ones in the rest of the exhibition..


Nocturne Saumarez is part of the Nocturne Armidale Project and there will be an exhibition at Armidale Art Society gallery from 3rd December to 13th December and in the Armidale Regional Council foyer Art Space (from Tuesday 29th November).


Neil Burton photos of Saumarez Homestead for the 2016 Nocturne Armidale project