Old Adelaide Treasury and Tunnel Tour

Journey underground with us to explore the secrets of one of Adelaide’s most fascinating colonial buildings.

Explore the old Adelaide Treasury, one of the Adelaide’s oldest and most significant historical sites. It was here that gold from the eastern states was stored to be smelted into the Adelaide Pound. The tour includes the former Cabinet Room, underground tunnel areas and much more.

*Time: 11am and 1pm
Place: starting from Adina Treasury Hotel 2 Flinders St Adelaide
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Visit the  AdelaideTours website and the Adelaide City Explorer website www.adelaidecityexplorer.com.au or download the Adelaide City Explorer mobile app from the Apple’s App store or Google Play for a preview of many of the city walks.


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Adina Treasury Hotel

2 Flinders st Adelaide


Ayers House Museum (08) 8223 1234


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