National Trust Day: Tasma Terrace

Celebrate 60 years of the National Trust in Victoria at National Trust headquarters - Tasma Terrace!

After leading a successful preservation campaign in the 1970s, Tasma Terrace is now the headquarters of the National Trust.

What better place to celebrate the Trust’s 60 years in Victoria than with a new exhibition at Tasma.

Virtually There will take viewers on virtual tours of National Trust properties and collections across Victoria, all from the Tasma Terrace conservatory! With a display of historical and contemporary virtual machines, come and explore much more than the site you’re visiting.

Admission by Gold Coin Donation

Tasma Terrace - Planning your visit


6 Parliament Place
East Melbourne 3002 VIC


Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


Christmas Day, New Year's Day and other public holidays.

(03) 9656 9800
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