National Trust Day: Celebrate 60 years of Living Heritage

Visit our 14 Large Black pigs and 20 Wiltshire horn sheep and a Wiltshire Horn ram.

Nehill Brothers’ Farm is a modern day farm showcasing traditional methods and animals you are not likely to see elsewhere. The Farm dates back three generations to 1874 when Patrick Nehill bought the property. Brothers Alexander, Peter and Joe Nehill used draught horses and traditional farming practices to work the land and manage the property until 1978.


Visit the farm to celebrate 60 years of heritage conservation and see rare heritage breeds and animals no longer farmed in Australia including the Large Black Pig and Wiltshire Horn Sheep, which don’t require shearing.

Admission is free

Nehill Brothers' Farm Living History Reserve - Planning your visit


97 Nehill and Alexanders Road
South Purrumbete 3260 VIC


The Nehill Brothers Farm is currently closed to visitors.

Bookings Office on 03 9656 9889 Mon-Fri
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