Jane Austen: Private Eye

Sense & Spontaneity have been creating Jane Austen inspired improvisational comedy, viral videos and even t-shirts since 2014. They are supported by Umbrella Works Inc and Gelo.

From one of the mad geniuses that conspired to bring you ‘Sense & Spontaneity’ comes the time travelling literary detective story you didn’t know you needed. At the moment of her death, Miss Austen is flung across time and space, and finds herself embroiled in an eery murder mystery.

In 1817, mere months before Jane Austen’s death a young woman is murdered after attending a dance. 157 years later in 1975, another young woman attends a dance before meeting an equally grizzly fate. The details are eerily similar, and in 2132 it looks like history will repeat itself again. Out of time, out of place and out of ideas can Miss Austen solve the case before history repeats itself for the third time?

A madcap dark comedy of murders, manners, and mayhem.

Presented by: Umbrella Works Inc & Sense & Spontaneity

Cost: $20 – $25

Contact: For event info: Adelaide Fringe
For information and booking help: Adelaide Fringe Box Office

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Ayers House Museum

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