Pioneer Women’s Trail Walk 2018

Imagine walking all the way from Hahndorf to Adelaide carrying a heavy basket of produce from your farm. Imagine walking back up the hill the same day with money and scarce goods such as sugar, candles, needles and thread. Think about the fear of attack by bushrangers, ruffians or dispossessed Aborigines.

The Pioneer Women’s Trail honors the early German women settlers in Hahndorf who did exactly this. The colony of South Australia was barely two years old in 1838, when the first ships arrived with Lutheran refugees from Prussia who were eager to build new lives free from religious persecution.

As soon as the first produce was ready the women of the village started what became a regular 35km trek on foot into Adelaide, carrying their wares. They left Hahndorf in the middle of the night, and arrived in the early morning at the stream in the foothills close to where Beaumont House now stands. There, the women refreshed themselves and rested briefly before continuing the walk to Adelaide.

Take up the challenge: Walk in the footsteps of German pioneer women and men, from Hahndorf to Beaumont House or shorter distances from Bridgewater, Stirling or Eagle on the Hill.

Commencing at The Hahndorf Institute, the route follows the main road out of Hahndorf, crossing the Onkaparinga River before joining the official trail at Verdun. The trail winds through Bridgewater, following Cox’s Creek part of the way. After traversing beautiful Mt George Conservation Park the trail detours through Stirling, with its many coffee shops. It continues through Crafers and Cleland Conservation Park, before joining the Old Bullock Track, finally emerging to stunning city views and the descent to Beaumont House in Burnside.

Your family and friends can join you there for a special harvest celebration with live music, food, wine and a  produce market. And you can lend a hand picking olives in the 150 year old Davenport Olive Grove.

  2018 Start times and buses :

  •   Official start  Hahndorf Institute, 59 Main Street Hahndorf: 8.30am, 26km
    • Bus leaves Beaumont House at 7.30am
  • Bridgewater Lions Park, corner of Mount Barker Rd and Bridgewater Rd:  9.30am start, 19km
    • Bus leaves Beaumont House at 8.30am
  • Stirling Steamroller Park, corner of Mount Barker Rd and Avenue Rd: 11am start, 12km
    • Bus leaves Beaumont House at 10am
  • Eagle on the Hill, start of The Old Bullock Track: 11am start, 6km
    • Bus leaves Beaumont House at 10am

After the event the bus leaves Beaumont House for all start locations at 3.30pm

Cost: Walk: $20 per person; children under 16 free. Per Person Group of 5+ $15. Children under 16 participating must be accompanied by an adult.

Bus: an additional $10 per person

To register for the 2018 walk and to book a bus if required  BOOK HERE

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