Fallen + Found

Fallen + Found is a compilation of works by Zoya Kraus traversing through multi mediums and inspired by flora and fauna of the Blue Mountains.

Twisting, wrapping, weaving, cutting – the artist paints like a weaver and weaves like a painter. In this exhibition each piece will incorporate both The Fallen and The Found. The Fallen (all dried/ fallen / found/ natural objects) will be manipulated using a variety of techniques to show the dry/brittle and skeletal contrasting to merge seamlessly into The Found (my own forms of painted/drawn/ abstract vibrant art) to represent the fresh, new and flourishing spirit of the work.

As you enter the Gallery the two polarising concepts of Fallen and Found will sit on opposite sides of the room. 1st THE DEATH 2nd: THE LIFE and all around the room, including plinths, will depict the “life cycles” in between these two inevitable stages of all life.

The works are an expression of internal and external visions and purpose after the fear of near death. The artist has found, deconstructed, and reconstructed the fallen. Works represent the rotten years of undergrowth, the fallen skeletal leaves, the weeds plastics, paper and rubbish that fill our land with waste, the discarded and re-found items of threads, wools and fabrics and all the fallen treasures. The artist’s wanderings now have a chance to be reborn, and shared as a new form through mixed media art.


Artwork: Hydrangea; Blue Mountains watercolour by Zoya Kraus


Artist statement:

Often referred to as the female version of a male bowerbird, Zoya has constructed an exhibition of mixed media works inspired by the fauna and flora of her home in the Blue Mountains. Akin to the Avian Artist, she has been collecting, priming, and engineering fallen and found objects as the groundwork with a sharp focus of carefully selected colours. The seven colours of the chakra system have been woven through her works combining nature, and artistic skills to create a body of work that reflects her process from survival to thrival. Each piece is a display of courtship between the inner landscape of her body and the external environments that renewed the dark void of lost organs and disease.


Fallen + Found is a symbolic nesting of story, skill, and spirit. We see the Artist’s deep reverence for the nature that replenished her as she woos us with her powerful journey from decay to growth with the use of dried, fallen, discarded objects and creative expression through multifaceted assemblages and sculpture.


Exhibition details

Exhibition open 11am – 3pm, Thursday – Sunday from Sunday 2 April – Sunday 23 April 2023.


How to book your tickets

Exhibition is included in a valid Everglades General Entry ticket.

Book via Eventbrite where possible, to guarantee a spot.


Artwork: Gathering gentleman; Abstract Bottlebush by Zoya Kraus


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