Everglades: Fabulous Fifties – A Cavalcade of History & Fashion

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The Friends of Everglades will host a presentation by The Cavalcade of History & Fashion at Leura Fairways.

A Cavalcade presentation is a themed display and talk, which includes examples from the collection with commentary. Items are carried amongst the audience, allowing a close look at the pieces.

The Cavalcade of History & Fashion is a collection of original historic gowns and accessories, with provenance, dating from the 1700s. It plays a major part in preserving Australia’s social and fashion history.

Enjoy a three-course buffet luncheon before the presentation. The Friends of Everglades have a well-deserved reputation as an excellent catering team. You’ll enjoy delicious food, good company and gracious service.

In the 1950s Australia’s wealthy economy allowed women to spend more on clothes. The modern housewife, the career woman, and the emerging teenage culture each developed their own unique style. An evolution in fashion began. Easy-care synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester revolutionised the fashion industry, as the fabric was easy to care for.

Australian women started wanting the same fashion as the celebrities they saw in Vogue magazines. They were influenced by fashions seen in movies and, for teenagers, what their rock & roll idols were wearing.

You’ll be given a close view of gowns and accessories worn by real women during the fifties, and hear some of their fascinating stories.

For more information please call Sandy Luxford on 0410 312 827.


Leura Fairways, 19-21 Fitzroy Street, Leura