Discover Hartley & Lithgow

Join us on a bus trip to discover the historic village of Hartley with its well preserved remains of one of the early settlements of rural NSW.

Then onto Lithgow, a town with many ups and downs and a strong industrial past. We will visit Eskbank House, built in 1842 of Australian cedar and sandstone by Thomas Brown, and the Small Arms factory museum, which showcases both armaments and the retail products made there over the years.
Driving around Lithgow and its environs, we will discover the modest homes of miners and factory workers, and the more substantial houses built for the managers, etc from locally made bricks. There is an amazing vista to be seen from the lookout at Hassans Walls and maybe, if you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the elusive black panther. Entry to Eskbank house and the museum are included.


Adult $45.00
Members $40.00


02 4757 2424 or

Whitton Park


33 Moore Street, Glenbrook, NSW

4757 2424

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