Destination Sydney

Destination Sydney brings together three Sydney public galleries - Manly Art Gallery, Mosman Art Gallery and S.H Ervin Gallery- in an innovative collaboration to present an exhibition of work responding to the exhibition's theme - the city of Sydney which has long been a point of focus and convergence for many artists born in other parts of Australia.

By featuring three artists in each venue, the exhibitions will together provide a stimulating experience for viewers – a visual and poetic celebration of this great city, not only as subjects, but capturing the magical spirit that is contained in this unique city.

About the Exhibition

The beauty of the city’s bush harbour foreshores, the quality of light and palpable sense of energy and movement within the city has provided many artists an ongoing inspiration and a wealth of rich source materials from which to draw. The artists featured at S.H Ervin Gallery – Cressida Campbell, Grace Cossington Smith and Margaret Preston – have all been inspired by their experiences of living and working in Sydney. Sydney city and its harbour have become central themes within their artistic vision.

Each of the artists selected for this exhibition has been influenced by their experiences of living and working in Sydney that the city and its harbour have become central themes within their artistic production. Some of the artists selected were born in Sydney, but found that the city’s pictorial and poetic possibilities inspired them only after a long stint travelling abroad. Lloyd Rees was on the way to Melbourne from Brisbane when his ship stopped in Sydney, and he discovered the city, which soon after became his home and the inspiration of much of his art. John Olsen, who was born in Newcastle, but grew up in Sydney, responded to the poetry of this great city, and to the poets who were inspired by the city itself. One of the art icons of Sydney is Olsen’s mural Five Bells in the Opera House, which was inspired by Kenneth Slessor’s poem of that name. And one cannot think of the amazing bridge that dominates the city, without thinking of one of the greatest paintings of this subject by the quiet, religious and modest North Shore artist, Grace Cossington Smith, who produced a pictorial structure in oil almost as impressive as the one in iron and steel.

Manly Art Gallery & Museum will present the work of Elisabeth Cummings, Lloyd Rees & Brett Whiteley and Mosman Art Gallery will present Kevin Connor, Peter Kingston & John Olsen. The exhibitions will include an active program of activities including poetry readings, lectures, artist talks, visits to specific locations, in which to focus attention on the work of these painters, and equally to remind them of the beauty and exhilarating atmosphere of Sydney. The artworks will be drawn from major public and private collections and as such, visitors will encounter major works by these distinguished artists, as well some unusual and the unexpected pieces.







S.H. Ervin Gallery is located at the end of Watson Road,Observatory Hill, The Rocks


Tuesday - Sunday, 11am - 5pm


Please be advised that S.H. Ervin Gallery will be closed from 21 December – Monday 4 January inclusive. Exhibition continues from 5 January to 21 February.

(02) 9258 0173
Entry Fees:

General Admission $7, Seniors and Concessions $5 , National Trust Members $4

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