Creepy Stories at Old Government House

Hear stories of spooky happenings experienced by volunteers, staff and guests on this special kids candlelit tour of Old Government House.

Calling all mini ghost-busters in training! Join us on a special kids twilight tour of the ground floor of Old Government House – a 222-year-old early Governors country residence known for some very strange happenings.

Children are encouraged to bring their scariest costumes along to add to the feeling of the event.

During this tour we tell age appropriate stories and antidotes about eerie incidents and spooky sightings while walking through the ground floor, lit by faux candlelight.

Young guests will visit the School Room where there is a story of a young girl crying. They will hear about the first documented UFO sighting in Australia in Parramatta Park. We will tell stories of the spooky happenings on the stair case. Why did a cupboard door open by itself during a previous tour? What did a modern Governor of NSW see in the bedroom? And who disturbed the early Governors bed? Who is the Lady in Blue seen around the Corridors?

No photography is allowed during the Tour but the Children will have access to “ghost meters”.


Photo credit: Matthew Fisher


Please note:

  • This event is for children between the ages of 9 -12.
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult but parents are welcome to wait outside the house where a light afternoon tea will be served.
  • Apart from the guide the group will have at least one other staff member accompanying the tour.


Event details

Creepy Stories comes to Old Government House on Sunday 25 September, 4pm – 5pm.


How to book your tickets

Tickets: $10.

Book via Eventbrite, where possible, to guarantee a spot.



Contact: or 0416026816

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