Cox’s Road Walk

A walk to see the best remnants of the road built over the Blue Mountains in 1814-15 by William Cox, with convict workers and some soldiers.

Meeting at Mt York carpark, we will be walking down a section of the very historic Cox’s Road, built in 1814-15 by William Cox and his band of 30 convicts and 6 soldiers. This section down Mt York has a large number of relics from that time. We know the names of all the men who helped build the road and have accounts of others who traversed it in the early 19th Century. We will hear some of their stories and listen to their voices.
This is not a particularly difficult walk, but is steep in parts and walkers should wear good strong footwear, and bring along a bottle of water.
The cost includes a ‘cuppa’ before the start, and a substantial picnic lunch at the bottom, as well as a bus to take you back to the top and the carpark.

The walk is steep in parts and requires good walking shoes, no thongs, high heels, etc. Please bring bottle of water.


  • Tickets: National Trust members $45, general admission adults $50
  • Enquiries: Please contact Sue Northey on or 0402 221 503

Mt York Car Park
Mt York Road
Mt Victoria