Conservation Echoes in East Melbourne: Tracing a 1964 Heritage Itinerary

In 1964, the former Junior Group of the National Trust hosted a walking tour of East Melbourne. Join Urbanist James Lesh and Community Advocate Caitlin Mitropoulos as we re-trace their youthful steps and reflect on seven decades of heritage activism.

East Melbourne is not only one of our city’s oldest suburbs, it is also one of the first neighbourhoods that Melbourne heritage activists sought to conserve. In the decades preceding the rise of Australia’s popular heritage movement in the 1970s, residents and activists conjured East Melbourne as an important, diverse and alluring place to live, work and stroll. In 1965, just 9 years after the foundation of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria), the former Junior Group compiled and hosted a walking tour of the neighbourhood. Treating walking as a critical act, we will follow their original itinerary and interrogate the relevance of these kinds of activities for saving our suburbs today.

The walk will take approximately 60 minutes and will be followed by a short tour of the National Trust of Australia (Victoria) Headquarters ‘Tasma Terrace.

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