Clay Pipe Workshop – Discovering Local Clay

Make your own clay pipe using historic techniques in this exclusive workshop from Parramatta Clay and Arts.

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Come and experience the historic art of clay pipe making with Parramatta Clay and Arts as part of our Making Good: Convict Artisans in Exile exhibition.

Many examples of clay smoking pipes have been found in archaeological digs in Parramatta. The pipes were made using a wooden mould, and usually imported from England. In this workshop, you will be hand moulding a clay pipe, traditionally used for smoking tobacco, but can be used today for blowing bubbles. Soft white clay will be used, as was the tradition, with the clay placed into a 2 piece mould to form the pipe shape. Once the pipe is removed from the mould, you can personalise it by adding decorative features such as faces, carvings, and flower or leaf embellishments.

The pipes can be taken home on the day however they will not last long if they get dropped or wet. Parramatta Clay and Arts is a local studio pottery, close to Old Government House, where your pipe can be kiln fired to make it last another 100 years or more. You can collect it at a later date from the studio, once it has been dried and fired.

Afterwards, view the Making Good exhibition on display in the upstairs rooms of Old Government House and see some examples of convict-made pottery including a clay roof tile, jug and commemorative stone made in Parramatta.

Pottery was one of the first items to be locally manufactured in the new colony. The local clay was considered to be of good quality, and unglazed pottery dishes, plates and cups were produced as well as clay roof tiles and bricks. By 1805 more refined glazed pottery was produced, and there were several potteries operating in Sydney and Parramatta. Come along and take part in this continuing tradition.

All materials will be provided. Please note that places are strictly limited so booking is essential.


  • 10am – 11.30am
  • 12 noon – 1.30pm
  • 2.30pm – 4pm


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How to book your tickets

Each Clay Pipe Workshop ticket includes complimentary entry to Old Government House and the Making Good exhibition.

Book via Eventbrite, where possible, to guarantee a spot.

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