Caribbean Pirates at the Polly Woodside

The Australian Shakespeare Company presents Caribbean Pirates at the Polly Woodside, it is rambunctious theatre at its best.

Harking back to playful pantomimes of old, Caribbean Pirates takes place on and around the historic 1885 tall Polly Woodside ship at Melbourne’s South Wharf.

Complete with live musical instruments, rope swinging, barrel hiding and real-life plank walking, this interactive quest sees small audience members transform into pirate explorers, treasure hunters, and all-around rowdy scallywags. Pirates young and old call children from far and wide to join the fun.

So come aboard the Polly Woodside Tall Ship to meet the fearless hero Major Key, the upstart Larry (who should be Sally) and search for the mysterious and magical Gypsy Pirate. Keep one eye peeled for the menacing Captain Cutthroat, and watch out for Empty Drawer and Scurvy Dave as they scramble for pirate booty!

Whose crew will you join? Choose carefully or you might walk the plank! Will we ever find the treasure map? Will the magical Gypsy Pirate reap her revenge on Captain Cutthroat? Will Larry save Major Key? It’s up to you.

Ahoy, me hearties! Ye know ye want to board our tall ship! We need first mates and lasses aplenty! We won’t let the old salt Captain Cutthroat get in ye way! All hand hoay!

Major Key

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