Burnside Branch Branch Talk

‘The Legacy of the Anaesthesia ‘Events’ at Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec 1941’.

Presenter: Dr John Crowhurst

Topic: ‘The Legacy of the Anaesthesia ‘Events’ at Pearl Harbor, 7 Dec 1941’.

Dr Crowhurst’s presentation ‘reviews the anaesthesia tragedies on that day and the subsequent effects they had on the development of the specialities of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

Dr Crowhurst’s research and teaching interests have included obstetric analgesia and anaesthesia, critical perinatal care, and neuraxial & perinatal pharmacology.

He has taught and/or lectured on Anaesthesia in 39 countries; has had 8 international Visiting Professorships; and has published 43 original papers and 22 book chapters.

John retired from clinical practice in Melbourne at the end of 2010, and returned to live here in Adelaide from where he continues to teach and lecture on anaesthesia related matters, especially historical topics.

Cost: Adult $10pp

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