Australian Heritage Festival 2017: The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra in Concert

Experience the Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra's unique sound in Concert in the intimate historic setting of Barwon Park Mansion. Presenting a variety of musical works including original Australian compositions composed especially for plucked string orchestra.

The Melbourne Mandolin Orchestra has delighted audiences of Australia and the World for almost 50 years.

Comprising Mandolins, Mandolas and Classical Guitars, the ensemble owes it’s conception to Musicians coming from Europe to Australia, forming a group from like minded performers to share their love of plucked string music. Being isolated from the rest of the world, plucked string ensembles like the MMO soon developed their own ” Australian” style of music. This has evolved into a truly unique sound with many contemporary Australian composers writing music specifically for the genre.

Conducted by Werner Ruecker, the son of the orchestra’s original conductor, Josef Ruecker, the MM0 is dedicated to encouraging new and uniquely Australian compositions to fully develop their Australian Heritage and to bring this music to the rest of the world by performing at festivals such as the BDZ Zupf festivals held in Germany every four years.

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