A Murderous Affair (April 2017)

You are invited to a themed murder mystery dinner with a dramatic plot, in one of Australia’s finest mansions, Barwon Park Mansion!

Scandal, lies, cheating and several of the deadly sins are revealed at some stage during the evening while it is the role of the guests to decipher the means, motive and opportunity by first figuring out who are actors and questioning what their role in the plot may be.

Includes sparkling wine and canapés on arrival, an exclusive torchlight tour of one of Australia’s finest mansions, built in 1871.

Fully immerse yourself in the drama as actors and guests mingle amongst each other during the evening. Do you have the detective skills to deduce who is not who they say they are and uncover the means, motive and opportunity they may have for murder?

What’s Included?

  • Professionally paired wines with canapés and a two-course gourmet dinner in a historical mansion
  • Watch and participate in a dramatic plot that unfolds around you
  • Exclusive torchlight tour of the mansion


Tickets $150

Visit www.amurderousaffair.com.au or email enquiries@amurderousaffair.com.au


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105 Inverleigh Road
Winchelsea 3241 VIC

(03) 9656 9889 Mon-Fri

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