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Norman Lindsay Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of the books including those written by Lindsay, some of the hundreds of illustrations he drew, the books he enjoyed reading, those he illustrated for other authors and poets ... and even a bookcase he decorated to house his most special books!

Throughout Norman Lindsay’s life books were one of his greatest passions.

The books in his library show the breath of his reading and Linday’s bequest to the National Trust of Australia (NSW) included those which meant a lot to him. Authors included Shakespeare, Rabelais, Dickens, Byron, Pepys, Scott, Conrad, Feilding and Browning. The poets he enjoyed and supported included Hugh McCrae, Kenneth Slessor, R.D. Fitzgerald, Douglas Stewart and Leon Gellert.

In contrast, Lindsay considered his own writing as merely a diversion and the 11 light-hearted novels he wrote were just to occupy him at the end of his day. As well as his adult novels, Lindsay wrote two children’s books – ‘The Magic Pudding’ and ‘Flyaway Highway’. This year marks the 100 year anniversary of The Magic Pudding, which was first published in 1918. It will be celebrated at the Norman Lindsay Gallery in October 2018.

The books published by The Fanfrolico Press, in Sydney and in London, have become highly valued as collectors’ items. A burgeoning of adolescent enthusiasms, The Fanfrolico Press was a phenomenon of the 1920s.

It was founded due to the ambition of Jack Lindsay, the eldest son of Norman Lindsay, to be published and win recognition as a poet and scholar, but the original and deeper stimulus came from Norman Lindsay’s philosophy on art and life expressed in his book, ‘Creative Effort’.

Though Norman himself remained somewhat discreetly in the background, his art-work and philosophical ideas were to the fore in most of the Fanfrolico Press publications. He was the urger, or, more precisely, the demi-urge of the delightful world of Fanfrolicanean ideas.

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