Whispers, Tales & Gossip – Old Government House, Parramatta

Students travel back in time as reporters to interview the residents and visitors to the house in order to understand what life was like in colonial Parramatta and to gather different opinions on Governor Macquarie.

Stage 3 only

Whispers, Tales and Gossip is a simple role-play that enables students to gain different perspectives of life in a colonial household. Governor Macquarie is in trouble; his enemies have been complaining to the British parliament, and Commisioner Bigge has been sent to investigate the progress of the colony.

Led by the butler, students role play as reporters from the London Gazette and meet members of Governor Macquaries household and the Rev Marsden, asking their thoughts and opinions if they think the Governor is doing a good job running the new colony.

THEME The Australian Colonies


  • PARTICIPATE in an engaging role-play to develop an understanding and empathy for peoples of the past.
  • LEARN about significant people in the development of the colony.
  • COMPARE and evaluate different perspectives and viewpoints.


  • HT3-2
  • HT3-5

Booking Information

Number of Students – 45 max
Teachers – 1 per 10 students FOC (4 Max) extra adults charged at student rate

Duration – 90 minutes

Session Times – 10am – 11:30am & 12:30pm – 2pm

Cost – $8 per student

Bookings – (02) 9635 8149

Joint Bookings – with The Thief, The Farmer and The Surgeon at Experiment Farm Cottage, for a reduced cost of $12.00 for two programs.

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