Survival at Sea

To survive a sea voyage in the nineteenth century required hardwork, cooperation, bravery and sheer luck. Discover more aboard the Polly Woodside with our secondary program, Survival at Sea.

Students explore what life would be like at sea for a nineteenth century sailor. They learn the skills and tools required for surviving a voyage aboard the sailing ship, Polly Woodside.

Students learn the integral importance of teamwork and the democracy aboard a ship with the hierarchy of command. They learn about the watch system and tools used for navigation with our education crew.

In the gallery, students learn further about Polly Woodside’s history and it’s importance to the maritime industry, as an example of a working cargo barque. They further experience the perils of sea life through a dramatised film of George Andrew’s diary, a carpenter who boarded the Polly Woodside in 1904.



Survival at Sea Secondary Program

Discover the skils required to survive at sea with your students.

Year Levels:7 - 10
Duration:2 hours +
Numbers:20 students minimum to 60 students maximum
Location:next to Melbourne Exhibition Centre near Southern Cross station
Resources:Discover Polly Woodside online resource with student activities
Cost:$12.00 per student. Teachers, carers free per 1 per 12 students
Bookings:Online Booking Form, Email or phone: (03) 9656 9889.