Sighting the Past – Old Government House, Parramatta

Sighting the Past uses material, pictorial and written evidence to learn about the layered history of Old Government House and the surrounding park landscape.

Years 7-10 HISTORY

Old Government House and Parramatta Park are both on the site of the earliest colonial settlement outside of Sydney Cove.

In 1788 Governor Phillip travelled upstream from Port Jackson in search of arable land to support a starving colony. Fire-stick farming practices in the Rose Hill region by the Darug people had cleared the land, making it suitable for the development of a farm by Governor Phillip. From this early agricultural settlement the town of Parramatta developed.

The park surrounding Old Government House, and the house itself, are preserved intact. Students gain access to the layers of land use, from pre-contact Aboriginal occupation to the present day.

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Number of Students – 45 max
Duration – 90 minutes
Cost – $8 per student
Bookings – (02) 9635 8149

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Old Government House


Parramatta Park, Pitt Street Entrance
Parramatta 2150 NSW


Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 4pm
(Closed Mondays)
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