Maths@Sea – Make Maths Fun On Board A Ship!

Let your students investigate important concepts on a mathematical journey aboard the 1885 tall ship, the Polly Woodside.

This is one of the few secondary maths excursions available in Melbourne and is part of a two hour visit to the Polly Woodside Tall Ship at South Wharf.

The extended program has been developed in consultation with the Mathematical Association of Victoria. It is designed to engage students with the practical areas of mathematics using the Polly Woodside tall ship and explores mathematics in maritime operations.

Learning areas include measurement of time, space and volume, ratios and triangles, geometry, area, perimeter and volume and units of measurement.

Students spend an hour aboard with a First Mate and take part in hands on activities. Students also spend time solving problems in the Gallery. Class lessons and extension activities for advanced students are available online.



Maths@Sea for Yr6 - Yr8

Being competent at estimation, measurement and calculation were essential life skills for mariners on tall ships. Engage your students with hands-on activities that make them think mathematically about time, measurement, speed and navigation.

Year Levels:7 - 10
Duration:2 hours +
Numbers:20 students minimum to 60 students maximum
Location:next to Melbourne Exhibition Centre near Southern Cross station
Resources:Discover Polly Woodside online resource with student activities
Cost:$12.00 per student. Teachers, carers free per 1 per 12 students
Bookings:Online Booking Form, Email or phone: (03) 9656 9889.

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